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NP Education Consortium: We Want you!

Posted about 4 years ago by Arlene Wright

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Dear SGCNPC, NPCCC & Charlotte County NP;

As part of the NP Education Consortium, we are seeking nurse practitioners (NP) in all areas of care who would be interested in acting as a preceptor for NP students in our region.

The NP Education Consortium will act as the organizing hub for nurse practitioner students. As the demand for access to high quality and cost effective care increases so does the demand for nurse practitioners. The role of the preceptor has always been an essential component of career development in the transition to advanced practice. Our priority is to partner with our local state universities as well as local private colleges that share the same high expectations, values and vision for nurse practitioner evolution within our communities.

The goals of the NP Education Consortium will be:

Facilitate the matching of students with preceptors with faculty review and oversight.Provide improved communication between the preceptor and the universities.Offer optional faculty development/training for preceptors.Provide a more goal-oriented approach to the students' clinical instruction.

Advantages to you, the preceptor, include:

Credit toward certification renewal.Developing relationships with new NPs.Reward in seeing a successful NP graduate and enter our profession.A significant contribution of precepting NP students and growing our profession is an effort to bridge the provider access gap, especially in primary care in Florida.

We are seeking interested NPs in our five county area to aid in our efforts to grow the next generation of NPs. As part of the NP Education Consortium you will be invited to an orientation/meet and greet, to ensure that you will be as prepared as possible to precept a student NP. The orientation information will also be available on-line if this is more convenient for you. We are seeking to pilot our project for fall 2015. If you are interested, please respond to:

Mary Lewis, ARNP-BC at or

Lauren Baptista, MSN, ARNP, FNP-BC at